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The Law Office of David S. Albrecht is located in Hamilton, Ohio. Serving Butler, Hamilton, Preble, Warren, and all Southwest Ohio Counties. For a list of courts, click here.


Our office offers aggressive and experienced legal representation for all criminal defense matters.

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Our goal is to give you peace of mind by providing the most effective representation and the personal attention you deserve. We believe experience, strategic planning, research, preparation, teamwork, and client communication are the key principles to ensure a fair trial, due process, and a successful outcome.


We work hard to provide the best possible outcome for every client, no matter what the crime or legal representation entails. We represent clients for all felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile, and traffic offenses, including:




- Driving Privileges

- License Suspension

- Assault/Felonious Assault

- Domestic Violence

We strive to communicate with our clients so they are completely informed of the law, procedure, and options in regards to their case or legal representation. We represent clients during all phases of the criminal process, including:

- Violation of Protection Order

- Child Endangering

- Criminal Damaging/Vandalism

- Disorderly Conduct

- Obstructing Official Business

- Identity Fraud


- Drug Trafficking

- Drug Abuse/Possession

- Burglary/Robbery

- Theft/Fraud

- Breaking and Entering

- Receiving Stolen Property


- Unathorized Use

- Passing Bad Checks

- Sex Offenses/Rape

- Kidnapping

- Weapon Charges/Possession

- Manslaughter/Murder



- Law Enforcement Investigation

- Arrest

- Arraignment


- Bench Trials

- Jury Trials

- Sentencing


- Bond Hearings

- Pretrial Motions

- Motions to Suppress

- Appeals & Post Conviction

- Probation Violations

- Expungement

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